Ready-Mix Concrete

United Concrete & Gravel Ltd. produces ready-mix concrete at our 3 batch plants located in Quesnel BC, Williams Lake BC and 100 Mile BC. Ready-mix concrete is a precise mixture of cement powder, gravel, water and admixtures. Ready-mix concrete arrives in a truck mounted mixer in a plastic or unhardened state. The ready-mix concrete is then placed into forms on the job-site and finished. Ready-mix concrete will harden in a matter of hour(s).

Ready-mix concrete can be unloaded out of the mixer truck via its chutes which are attached to the back of the mixer truck; typical reach is approximately 12 ft. Ready-mix concrete can also be unloaded into a separate truck unit called, a pumper truck, which uses a boom and hose to place the ready-mix concrete. A pumper truck is required for hard to reach projects. Typically a pumper truck can reach 110 ft or more.

Ready-mix concrete is bought and sold by volume. A cubic yard of concrete is 3ft long x 3ft deep x 3ft wide. A cubic meter of concrete is 1m long x 1m deep x 1m wide. Check out our concrete volume calculator or contact us and we will be happy to calculate your concrete measurements for you!

From back yard patios, to commercial, or large industrial projects United Concrete & Gravel Ltd.’s 3 batch plant locations, large fleet of mixers, and pumper trucks, can serve almost any ready-mix concrete need.

READY-MIX CONCRETE - What do I ask for?

Use Recommended
Slump Air %
Basement walls & footings 25 MPa 3.5" 2-5
Basement Floors 28 MPa 3.5" 2-5
Driveways, exterior steps, sidewalks * 32 MPa 3.5" 6-8

*NOTE: All concrete exposed to applications of salt and freeze/thaw cycles should be air entrained.


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100 Mile House 
PO Box 577
100 Mile House, BC
V0K 2E0
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Enviro Corp Recycling
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Abbotsford, BC
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